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Platform (continued)


Since 2010, Arkansas has seen a decline in homeownership percentage. From almost being at 70% at the start of the decade to barely maintaining 63% entering 2020, Arkansans are devoid of abilities, information, and resources to own a home. For my home, Bradley County, there is a 61% homeownership that is constantly depleting compared to the 70% homeownership of neighboring counties such as Drew and Dallas.

Over the last 10 years, the incumbent of District 8 had opportunity after opportunity to ensure Bradley County and other counties around the state would not lose their family structure that owning a home provides.

As a candidate, I recognize the needs for our communities to establish stronger households and family traditions. That is why, if elected, I will not stop challenging the status quo of rural Arkansas; I will ensure resources from central and northwest Arkansas are brought to southeast to put us back on the map.


Our educational reform starts with our teachers. It is not enough to just raise their pay, but to ensure that they are properly prepared to shape the minds of our next leaders. Bills have been brought up, and few have passed that only nudges the progression of our education here in Arkansas. This is not acceptable for any legislator to be comfortable with where we stand as a state in the education rankings.

My platform for educational prosperity begins with teachers. Removing so many tough barriers for an individual to become a teacher, considering all teaching experience in regards to pay, and establishing better resources for teachers to have more impact within their classrooms.


The heartbeat of rural Arkansas cities, such as Fordyce and Warren, are hospitals. Hospitals create an economic wave that sustain these rural towns. Over some years, the hospitals have lost staff, financial support and much needed resources that strengthen their effect in the city. I plan to take time to understand more of how fundamental hospitals are in rural Arkansas. By listening to many medical professionals, who express their concerns with how state leaders are undervaluing our hospitals, I have taken this issue into my list of top priorities as a candidate.

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